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All participants who become a member of Power Exchange India Limited (PXIL) after completion of membership formalities are given access to PXIL Trading System.
The presence of a power exchange is a recent phenomenon and will contribute to the high level of trade activity in Indian power market, and will probably prove to be an important element in the emerging competitive Power Market.

How to become a Member:
For becoming a Member, a prospective customer has to complete the membership formalities of Power Exchange India Limited. To know more about becoming a Member click here

Products Traded at PXIL:
At present, with the permission of The Hon’ble Commission PXIL has started off operations in the following products under the Physical Market Segment:

1. Day Ahead Spot (DAS) Market
2. Day Ahead Contingency (DAC) Market
3. Weekly product
4. Intra day product
5. Any day product