Power Exchange India Limited
India's first institutionally promoted Power Exchange that provides innovative and credible solutions to transform the Indian Power Markets. more...
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Key Features of the Exchange
  • Nation-wide, electronic Exchange for trading of power
  • Exchange handles power trading and transmission clearance simultaneously
  • Transparent, neutral and efficient electronic platform
  • Trading happens for Day Ahead, Day Ahead Contingency, Any Day, Intra Day and Weekly Contracts.
  • Trading platform available for Renewable Energy Certificates.
  • More contracts to be introduced in due course.
  • Exchange is a central counterparty to all trades done on the Exchange
Who can participate
  • Electricity traders
  • Inter-State Generating Stations (ISGSs)
  • Distribution Licensees / Deemed Distribution Licensees
  • IPPs, connected on ISTS
  • CPPs & IPPs *
  • Open Access Customers*
  • State Generating Stations
  • Eligible and Obligated Entities (Applicable in case of REC)
  • Others**

      *         With a clearance to be obtained from the concerned SLDC

            ** Would be admitted only as Advisory Member

  The following entities can become a Member of PXIL
  • Individuals who are Indian Nationals
  • Sole proprietorship firms
  • Partnership firms
  • Companies, institutions or statutory bodies incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 or under any central or state legislation
  • Registered Cooperative Societies
  • Central / State electricity utilities (including franchisees thereof) / organizations engaged in various activities of the power sector including power generation, distribution, trading, Open Access Customers etc.
  • Such other persons / entities as may be permitted by the Exchange.
  • At present, PXIL trades the ‘Day Ahead’, Day - Ahead Contingency and ‘Weekly’ contracts and promises to create several innovative, credible and market-friendly products in the course of time that will endeavor to transform the Indian Power Markets thereby creating a paradigm shift in the power markets.
  • Trading platform of Renewable Energy Certificates is ready on PXIL and applications for membership are invited.

For more information on the exchange, membership and participation kindly contact
Mr. Chandrashekhar Bhat +91 9920016245
Mr. Kapil Dev +91 9650622744
Mr. Ashish Shrivastav +91 9958995890

You can also write us at:  info@pxil.co.in