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At PXIL, we provide you with easy access to redress your Complaints. The Clients having complaint against the Member can send email to the exchange ClientComplaint@pxil.co.in having the subject as "Complaints from Client Code & name* against Member code & name**" providing the scan copy of the complaint letter and the necessary document as provided in link complaints of clients against Member's.

The Exchange shall go through the complaints and allot a complaint reference number.

The following steps shall be taken by the Exchange to resolve the Complaints;

Step 1:    The complaints of clients against Member's are forwarded to the concerned Members for resolution within 15 days from the receipt of complaint.

Step 2:    The clients are advised to inform PXIL if the complaints are not resolved within 30 days thereafter through email having attachments of complaint mail.

Step 3:    If the member fails to redress the complaint within 30 days, PXIL sends a reminder to the member. PXIL shall follow-up with the member to resolve such complaints.

Step 4:    If the complaints against a member are not resolved within 45 days from the date of reminder, the client / member may proceed for Arbitration as provided in the Business Rules, Bye-laws, Rules and Regulations of the Exchange.

* Provide your Client code and Name as registered with PXIL
* * Provide Member code and Name as registered with PXIL