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At PXIL, we provide you with easy access to redress your Complaints. Our endeavour is to provide with first contact resolution to your satisfaction. However in case you are not satisfied with our response; please follow the steps given below:-

1. In case of any complaint, please email to MemberComplaint@pxil.co.in.

2. If the complaint is not resolved within 15 working days, please forward the details to

3. Please ensure that you provide us with the following details:
  • Member code       : ___________________________________________________________________            
  • Name of Member :____________________________________________________________________
  • Address               :____________________________________________________________________                                
  • City                      :___________________State__________________Pin Code: ____________________                                               
  • Tele. No.              :________________ Mobile No. : ________________ e-mail Id: __________________                              
  • Details of transaction for which complaints is made:
  • Transaction date _________________ Product (DAS/DAC/WEEK AHEAD/ANY DAY/ INTRA DAY/REC)       BUY / SELL QTY ______
  • Transaction ID    __________________
  • Description of the complaint