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 Intra day


Intra-Day market allows participants to trade electricity for specified hours of the same day. Participants can place bids for each hour or for a block of hours as required. Power procured through Intra-Day will allow the market participants to manage contingent spikes in demand and supply unforeseen on a day-ahead basis. This brings the participants much closer to the real time market in an organized way without resorting to UI mechanism.

The Salient Features of Intra-Day Product is as under:

i) Intra-day product would allow the participants to trade power within the day for delivery starting three hours (six blocks of 15mins) from the trading.

ii) Intra-Day Auction applies for delivery upto 24 hrs of next day.

iii) Each contract is sub-divided into hourly contracts.(8 time blocks ahead to 24hr basis on 15 min or multiples thereof as prescribed by exchange)

iv) Discriminatory pricing mechanism is used as the matching methodology whereby the exchange ensures that the maximum benefit is given to both the buyers and sellers of electricity.

v) Intra-Day market operations will be carried out in accordance with the ‘Procedure for scheduling of Bilateral Transactions’ issued by the Central Transmission Utility under provisions of CERC (Open Access in inter-State Transmission) Regulations, 2008.

vi) The Intra-day market is traded on a bilateral basis with financial settlement and clearance taken care by the Exchange.

Benefits of trading at PXIL

  • A neutral and transparent price discovery mechanism
  • Search cost for seller as well as buyer is reduced
  • Credit risk for sellers and buyers is eliminated
  • Resources are optimally utilized which leads to increase in power supply