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 Margin unblocking
After the execution of pay-in from the settlement account on Pay-in day as prescribed by the Exchange, PXIL will unblock the buyer’s margin account to the extent of funds received. This amount will be available to the buyer for subsequent trading on various products.

At present there are no margin requirements for sellers.

Week Ahead

Four days prior to the contract expiry, on receipt of Pay-in, the buyer’s margins would be unblocked for one day and the trading limits increased to the extent of their unblocked margin at end of the day. This process would continue till the contract expires.

Margins would be recalculated and revised Rs 0.10/- of the outstanding approved trade value at all points in time till the end of delivery of power.

Any day Intra day


Margin release for members
Members can request for the release of free additional margins available with PXIL. The same would have to be sent to PXIL before 5:00 p.m. on any working day in the format prescribed by the Exchange. The release request would be processed by next working day. Any request received after the specified time will be treated as having been received on the next working day and will be processed accordingly.