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PXIL’s objective is to provide its Members with efficient and cost-effective solutions for seamless trading on the Exchange.

We provide our users with the best in class IT solutions to cater to their increasing needs.  A team of trained, in-house professionals design and develop the products for power trading.  We continuously work to understand the needs of the Indian power markets.  With indigenous design & development, we transform the user requirements to implementation and progress towards fulfilling market requirements.  PXIL trading solutions are secure and can operate on any telecommunication media.  We have chosen to use Internet platform due to its reach across the country and for faster turnaround time for any member to go live without compromise on security and speed of transaction.

Our IT Infrastructure is scalable to cater to new products & services.  We have designed the system to offer highest availability while we work for you on all days of the week.  IT best practices help improve security of transactions.  A list of such best practices is available for your reference.