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 Power Market- Centre of Excellence

Introduction :

The Power Market-Centre of Excellence (PM-CoE) was established to enhance the knowledge about power markets. PM-CoE, a leading edge thought partnership platform collaborates with academicians, industry, experts and economists at a national and international level. PM-CoE conducts various training programs, workshops and seminars for achieving its objective of capacity building and spreading knowledge about the power markets.

PXIL has always been on the forefront of policy advocacies and in the significance developments of power markets. PM-CoE has been formed to achieve similar goals. PM-CoE trains participants for the betterment of power markets and deals with the issues related to sustainable development of the power industry in the country.

IIM A, IIT B, Administrative Staff College of India ( Hyderabad) and National Power Training Institute (Faridabad) are the esteemed partners for conducting various training programme conducted by PM-CoE.

Beneficiaries of the training programmes:

  • Central and State Utilities.
  • System Operations.
  • Load Dispatch Centers.
  • Distribution Companies.
  • Trading Companies.
  • Central and State owned Power Generation companies.
  • Captive Power Plants.
  • Independent Power Producers.
  • Industrial Consumers.
  • Financial Institutions and Banks.
  • Development Institutions.
  • Consulting Firms across India as also other South Asian Countries.

PM-CoE programmes:

Training & development program:

PM-CoE conducts Training & development programs which are designed and conducted in association with India’s premier educational institutes like IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Bombay, NPTI and others. These training-cum-certification programs provide a standardized course contents to cover the evolution, concepts and recent happening in power Market. The module of these programs is attuned to serve the need of professionals in Power Market seeking market insights for better handling of the various issues appearing in today’s dynamic markets scenario.

PM-CoE invites expert faculty from academia as well as market practitioners who share their opinions and views with the participants. It follows a pre-identified training calendar and available through open enrollment. Few flagship programs conducted under this umbrella are:

  • Development of Power Market
  • Power Market Leadership
  • Leadership Course on Transmission Pricing & Open Access
Utility Specific Programs:

Trainings under this program are customized to cater to the specific needs of the organization for which it would be deployed. The module of this programme is designed in consultation with that organization. According to their priorities and learning requirement; the program length, course content and instructional schedules are mutually agreed upon. Faculties for these programs are brought from the panel of PM-CoE for the specific courses; also inputs from the organizations are welcome in terms of their preferred faculty. These trainings are conducted either on the organizations campus or on a mutually agreed location.

International Study Tour:

With the advent of competition into Power Market in India there is a growing need of increasing efficiency and productivity. Understanding international processes and incorporating them in the day to day operations has started shaping up the market in a new way. This program was designed taking in consideration the needs expressed by the power professionals who are looking for global perspective and adapting it for operational efficiency. It introduces contemporary concept in foreign markets, method of electricity transactions and facilitates the process of knowledge dissemination for the development of market design and operation.

Conferences & Workshops:

PM-CoE holds Conferences & Workshops on Power Sector to address specific issues which the industry is facing at hand. These conferences and Workshops are designed to help to add to the capabilities and effectiveness to the way power sector is functioning through skill enhancement and systematic learning. A cross section of power market professionals are invited in here to discuss, deliberate and propose a road map for the sector.

Contact Information:

Mr. Anil Kale
Tel: +91 22 240096600/625
Email: Anil.Kale@pxil.co.in