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 Training At PXIL
PXIL’s PM-CoE has structured the knowledge dissemination programs in the following ways

1. Open Enrolment Programs(OEPs) with Academic Institutes:
OEPs are the training-cum-certification programs with standardized course contents so as to cover the evolution, concepts and recent happenings in power sector in general and power market in specific. These courses would also cover the requisite knowledge and skill for taking full benefits of the opening up of Indian power market.. OEPs would be designed and conducted in association with premier institutes in India. Faculty for the course would be arranged from academia as well as industry.

Interested participants can send their queries to PM-COE@pxil.co.in Our team would respond to your specific queries.

2. Utility Specific Programs (USPs) programs:
USPs are programs designed to suit the specific needs of an Organization for whom it would be deployed. USPs provide customized course contents and is flexible enough to accommodate the priorities and specific requirements of the organization. Faculty for USPs would be brought from the panel of PM-CoE for the specific courses, also inputs from the organizations are welcome in terms of their preferred faculty.

Interested Utilities can send their queries to PM-COE@pxil.co.in PXIL team would get in touch to understand their requirements and take the matter further.

PXIL arranges training programmes at Client’s provided facility, at Central locations and at PXIL premises also.