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 Clearing Banks
PXIL offers settlement of funds through 5 clearing banks namely State Bank of India, HDFC Bank Limited, Axis Bank Limited, ICICI Bank Limited and Punjab National Bank.

Members may open their Settlement accounts with any of the empanelled clearing banks for the purpose of settlement of Exchange transactions.

Contact Details of Clearing Banks

Clearing Bank Contact Persons and Numbers

Capital Market Branch,
Videocon Heritage Building,
Charanjith Raipath,
Off D N Road,
Fort Mumbai - 400001.
Mr. B. Das
Asst. General Manager
Tel: 022-22094931
Mobile: 09773912342
E-mail: b.das@sbi.co.in

Mr. D.B Surti
Chief Manager
Tel: 022-22094932
Mobile: 09664450541
E-mail: db.surti@sbi.co.in

Mr. Rajesh K Prasad
Tel: 022-22094923/30
Mobile: 09870498671
E-mail: Rajesh_kumar.p@sbi.co.in

Mr. M.S.Zaman
Deputy Manager
Tel: 022-22094923/30
Mobile: 09664201006
E-mail: Settlement.11777@sbi.co.in

Mr. Satish M Sivadikar
Asstt. Manager
Tel: 022-22094923/30
Mobile: 09664201002
E-mail: Settlement.11777@sbi.co.in


HDFC Bank Ltd.
Mumbai Samachar Marg,
5th floor, Opp. Crompton Greaves,
Near Kanjur Marg Station,
Kanjur Marg (E), Mumbai 400 042,
Mr. Ashish Jitendra Mehta
Deputy Vice President
Mobile: 09323832920
Tel: 022-4216 2795 Extn: 3005
E-mail: ashish.jitendra.mehta@hdfcbank.com

Mr. Manish Nyati
Assistant Vice President
Tel: 022-24988484 Extn: 3147
Mobile: 09323092623
E-mail: manish.nyati@hdfcbank.com

Fax: 022-40804711


AXIS Bank Limited
Capital Market Division,
Jeevan Prakash Building,
Sir P. M. Road Fort,
Mumbai - 400001
Mr. Kedarsing Thakur
Vice President (Business)
E-mail: kedarsing.thakur@axisbank.com

Mr. Ketan Dani
Dy Vice President
Mobile: 09869574813
E-mail: ketan.dani@axisbank.com

Mr. Dipesh Shroff
Asst. Vice President
Mobile: 09820152262
E-mail: dipesh.shroff@axisbank.com

Ms. Neha Rajput
Asst. Vice President
Mobile: 09322840590
E-mail: neha.rajput@axisbank.com


ICICI Bank Limited
Capital Markets Branch,
1st Floor, 122, Mistry Bhavan,
Dinshaw Vachha Road,
Backbay Reclamation,
Churchgate Mumbai – 400 020

Mr. Abhay Murudkar
Head- Capital Markets Group,(Business)
Tel: 022-22859900
E-mail: abhay.murudkar@icicibank.com

Ms. Jyotsna Mulla
Relationship Manager, (Business)
Capital Markets Group
Mobile: 09930062707
E-mail: jyotsna.mulla@icicibank.com

Mr. Arunachalam K
Chief Manager, (Operations)
Tel: 040-41056117
Mobile: 9000082683
E-mail: arunachalam.k@icicibank.com

Mr. Pavan Maram
Team Manager, (Operations)
Tel: 040-41056056
Mobile: 8008303839
E-mail: pavan.m@icicibank.com

Punjab National Bank
Capital Market Service Branch, 1st Floor, 122, Mistry Bhavan, PNB Pragati Tower, Plot No. C-9, G Block, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra(East), Mumbai- 400 051
Mr.Sanjeev Khemani
Chief Manager (Business)
Tel: 022-26530196
Mobile: 09967519253
E-mail: bo4776@pnb.co.in

Mr. A R Nagar
Manager (Operations)
Capital Markets Group
Mobile: 09819913555
E-mail: bo4776@pnb.co.in

Mr. S K Menon
Officer, (Operations)
Tel: 022-26530197
Mobile: 9869966262
E-mail: bo4776@pnb.co.in