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 Core Values
Our people demonstrate the highest levels of honesty, transparency and ethics to achieve undisputed credibility from our internal as well as external stakeholders. We are resolute in adopting and adhering to the best professional practices, so as to evolve into the definitive benchmark of integrity in the Indian power markets.

Our zealous quest for excellence and thought leadership enables us to constantly scale new heights of accomplishments without compromising in any way on our core values.

It is our unwavering commitment to create maximum value for all our stakeholders through the highest standards of integrity and best professional practices. We are committed to continuously engaging our stakeholders in our completely open-minded thought leadership process such as to significantly change the way the power markets function.

Continued Innovation
Innovation is continuously reflected in every action, activity and aspect of the organization. Such innovation, while aligned to our core values, is for the purpose of enhancing overall stakeholder value in line with the requirements of the marketplace.