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Go Left Go Fast PXIL SUCCESSFULLY CONDUCTS 74th REC TRADING SESSION Invitation for comments on draft ESCert Business Rule Information on ESCerts "PXIL interacts with industrial consumers at Pune and Nashik on Maharashtra Open Access scenarios." Press release by MD and CEO-PXIL on 7.4.16 PXIL will soon launch it's new web based trading platform - PNEST MNRE advertisement in print media regarding RPO obligation Business standard interacts with Mr M G Raoot, MD& CEO, PXIL on Transmission de-congestion in South India PXIL CONDUCTS DEMONSTRATION OF ITS NEW TRADING SYSTEM TO MARKET PARTICIPANTS Business standard interacts with Mr M G Raoot, MD& CEO, PXIL on Maharashtra open access Go Slow Go Right
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 Invitaion for comments from Stakeholders
PXIL notice inviting comments/suggestions from stakeholders
Draft Business Rules of PXIL for ESCert Product
Email communication received from BEE informing public comments to be received on Business Rules for ESCert Product
ESCerts Regulation notified by Hon’ble CERC
Detailed procedure issued by BEE