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 Trading Member

Hardware Requirements

 - CPU: Pentium 4 or higher.
 - RAM: 512 MB or higher.
 - HDD: 40 GB or higher (application require 100 MB only).
 - CD-ROM or USB drive.

Software Requirements

 - Windows 2000 professional with SP 4/ Windows XP Professional with SP 2 or higher / Windows Vista / Windows 7.
 - .net Framework version 2.0 (to be loaded prior to loading PXIL installer files). Windows Vista / Windows 7  may not require loading of .net framework.
 - Security suite (Anti-virus, Anti-spam, etc) updated regularly to latest signatures.
 - Flash player.

Connectivity Requirements

 - Internet Connectivity of 512Kbps or better.
 - Redundant Internet connection with alternate service provider is suggested for better uptime of trading

Security Requirements

 - Time, Date and Regional setting shall be as per India timings and location (GMT+5.30).
 - Administrator rights for the PC/ Terminal for loading the software and for updates.
 - Ports 443 & 9333 should be opened on the firewall in both directions of traffic.