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 Knowledge Resources
Academic Institutions
PM-CoE has associations with premier Academic & Research Institutes in India for providing training and other capacity building programs. PM-CoE is open to widening its association base to any other institute, Indian or international, which share broader objective of development of power markets.Interested institutes may kindly write to us at PM-COE@pxil.co.in

PM-CoE has a panel of renowned experts from academia, industry and independent thinkers with national and international experience. PM-CoE encourages experts to be a part of the PM-CoE’s faculty pool and be a part of the power market development.
Interested Faculty or expert may kindly write to us at PM-COE@pxil.co.in

PM-CoE has entered into thought partnership and taken membership of various associations to remain close to the recent happenings, around the world, in the areas of Power and Energy Markets.